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1. What Is Kinara?

Kinara is an early-stage investment company and business incubator that provides investment and incubation facilities, consulting, business coaches and mentoring for startups.


2. What is business incubator?

Business incubator is a company/institution that provides a program that is designed to foster and accelerate the success of business development through a series of capacity building program. Business incubator also consists of partnership support/business coaching, with hands on support from the people with experts in each of the related field. The main objective is not only to scale up the business but to ensure startups practice good organizational and financial management, thus making the business sustainable in the long term and have a positive impact on society.


3. What type of services and support that Kinara provides?

  • Access to finance and capital fund
  • Access to business networks and business development
  • Development of Marketing Strategy
  • Assistance in financial and accounting management
  • Mentoring and business trainings
  • Management of company and business culture
  • Introduction and emphasis on the business ethics
  • Provide insights on the general industry-related businesses
  • Assistance in relation to regulations and taxes


4. What type of businesses/sectors that Kinara are looking for?

Our focus for 2014 onwards is in these sectors: Agribusiness, Travel & Tourism, Food and Beverages, Advertising, Fashion, Software, Architecture, Consulting, Design, Showbiz, and Culinary


5. Where is Kinara located at?

COMMA | Coworking Space
One Wolter Place 3rd Floor
Jl Wolter Monginsidi 63B
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta


6. How do we contact you?

You can email us at info@kinaraindonesia.com or via phone at +(62) 21 725-4742


7. What kind of startups/businesses that Kinara has invested in?

  • Creative
  • Fashion
  • Social entreprise
  • Logistic
  • Lifestyle


8. What are the values hold by Kinara on partners or potential investee?

Kinara believes in a mutual relationship to develop the business together with partners/investee. Our aim is to make the business sustainable and in accordance with the vision of the company.


9. What type of partnership or funding schemes that are offered by Kinara?

a. Short-term loans in accordance with the agreed amount of fund and interest

b. Conversion of shared ownership of the investee


10. How can we apply for the partnership program with Kinara? How does the scouting process go?

a. Fill out the form at page http://kinaraindonesia.com/submit-your-business/

b. Dating = We analogize this phase as dating (just like you date someone before you get married). In this phase, we would like to know more about the business, understand the advantages/disadvantages and conduct an assessment process to decide whether or not your business is in line with our vision and mission.


11. What if I have difficulty in filling some of the questions in the form due to lack of data in my business or proposal?

No worries, you may fill up the form as it is and as detailed as possible in accordance with the current condition of the company


12. Businesses in what stage does Kinara seek?

We are looking for startups within the early stage. In Indonesia, that generally means a new business or those that have been running for less than 2 years and has proven to be financially feasible


13. Can we send a business proposal if the business is still in the form of ideas or not in the business sector of your focus?

We open to the opportunity to partner or review other businesses beyond our focus. Please feel free to submit the form.канадские дома из сип-панелей

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